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This Is A Message To The Police.


This Is A Message To The Police. #OccupyDemocracy #PoliceBrutality


Doesn’t it confuse you that you are fighting against something you should be fighting for? And don’t give me that ‘it’s my job’ bullshit. Seriously- every single protest you, the law enforcement are seemingly protecting the people that fuck you over time and time again.

The one percent use you more that they do us! They not only take all the wealth, they employ you to defend them from the people…

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Palestinian artist Sabbah Iyad attempts to capture the events of the Shujaiya massacre that happened during the last war on Gaza with sculptures of families fleeing the inevitable death in their homes. 

More than 2,189 Palestinians were murdered during the latest Israeli war on Gaza. 

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Yes, please.

Yes, please.

No more lies.

No more lies.